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I started making websites at around 1999 or 2000 when we had our good ol' Windows 1997 with FrontPage 2000 (?). My first site was... (regrettably) dedicated to Digimon. I never uploaded the (simplistic) pages online, but enjoyed updating everyday with the next broadcasted episode of Digimon on TV.

Don't quite remember exactly when but around 2000 started making random pages "Kari and friends" (cringe at the thought haha). Then I gradually tried many web hosters. But clearly Angelfire is the most reliable, they don't chuck your page away. *phew! thank goodness otherwise I'd lose all my ARINA page, although regrettably lay outs 2 and 3 were gone because of other web hosters. From memory lay out 2 has a simplistic view to it. White back ground and purple writing. Layout 3 I experimented with double pages in one window, that was fun. Page on the left for the contents, right page with the individual pages. I loved playing around with different cut and paste techniques: snow falling, underscore, picture following mouse, etc (Nowadays I want least trouble so I just go with the basic stuff, as you see I'm recycling some old banners and html codes XD, this program SharePoint's doing wonders! What I see being edited here will appear online exactly! In the past a lot of graphics, even as simple as fonts can go wrong after uploading them on the web.)

I didn't do much after 2002-4 I don't think. Just made changes here and there. 2005 made "layout 4" and went quiet for 5 years until now,
lol, mainly because the old computer with Frontpage became obsolete and we didn't have new programs till now, (more on that later). I didn't like the "templates" online, haha, even if my site looks plain and retro, this way of making a site is so much more fun!

(I will add more info if I remember something else :D)



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